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1.The Memory Police

作者:Yoko Ogawa  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/08/06 裝訂:平裝

A haunting Orwellian novel about the terrors of state surveillance, from the acclaimed author of The Housekeeper and the Professor.On an unnamed island off an unnamed coast, objects are disappearing:

定價:595元   優惠價: 79470


2.Gift from the Sea

作者:Anne Morrow Lindbergh  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:1991/10/01

Anne Morrow Lindbergh shares her meditations on youth and age; love and marriage; peace, solitude and contentment as she set them down during a brief vacation by the sea. Drawing inspiration from the

定價:630元   優惠價: 79498


3.The Assault

作者:Harry Mulisch; Claire White (TRN)  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:1986/03/01

A novel that probes moral devastation following a Nazi retaliation in a Dutch town. The Assault has been translated and published to great critical acclaim throughout Europe and in the United States.I

定價:560元   優惠價: 79442


4.The Affirmative Action Puzzle ― A Living History from Reconstruction to Today

作者:Melvin I. Urofsky  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2020/01/28 裝訂:精裝

定價:1225元   優惠價: 91103


5.Mary Toft, Or, the Rabbit Queen

作者:Dexter Palmer  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/11/19 裝訂:精裝

定價:978元   優惠價: 9880


6.This Is Pleasure ― A Story

作者:Mary Gaitskill  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/11/05 裝訂:精裝

定價:630元   優惠價: 79498


7.Mud and Stars ― Travels in Russia With Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Other Geniuses of the Golden Age

作者:Sara Wheeler  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/11/05 裝訂:精裝

定價:978元   優惠價: 79773


8.To the Land of Long Lost Friends

作者:Alexander McCall Smith  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/10/22 裝訂:精裝

In the latest book in the widely beloved No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, Precious Ramotswe takes on a case for a childhood acquaintance and finds that family relationships are always a tricky p

定價:908元   優惠價: 79717


9.Qualification ― A Graphic Memoir in Twelve Steps

作者:David Heatley  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/10/01 裝訂:精裝

定價:943元   優惠價: 9849


10.A Guest of the Reich ― The Story of American Heiress Gertrude Legendre and Her Dramatic Captivity and Daring Escape from Nazi Germany

作者:Peter Finn  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/09/24 裝訂:精裝

From the co-author of The Zhivago Affair, a finalist for the National Books Critics Circle Award, comes the thrilling story of a wealthy heiress who joined the OSS and was captured in September 1944 b

定價:1013元   優惠價: 79800


11.Rusty Brown

作者:Chris Ware  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/09/24 裝訂:精裝

A major graphic novel event more than 16 years in progress: part one of the ongoing bifurcated masterwork from the brilliant and beloved author of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth and Buildin

定價:1155元   優惠價: 79912


12.A Cosmology of Monsters

作者:Shaun Hamill  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/09/17 裝訂:精裝

A tender and terrifying literary horror novel--the author's debut--that tells the story of a family (creators of a haunted house attraction called the Wandering Dark) and the hereditary monsters--both

定價:943元   優惠價: 79745


13.I've Seen the Future and I'm Not Going ― The Art Scene and Downtown New York in the 1980s

作者:Peter McGough  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/09/17 裝訂:精裝

A memoir of New York in the 1980s and 1990s--a time of both enormous creativity and decadence--told by an artist who was at the center of it all, including the AIDS epidemic, and survived to tell the

定價:1048元   優惠價: 79828


14.Rebooting Ai ― Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust

作者:Gary Marcus; Ernest Davis  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/09/10 裝訂:精裝

Two leaders in the field offer a compelling analysis of the current state of the art and reveal the steps we must take to achieve a truly robust AI.Despite the hype surrounding AI, creating an intelli

定價:1013元   優惠價: 79800


15.Gender and Our Brains ― How New Neuroscience Explodes the Myths of the Male and Female Minds

作者:Gina Rippon  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/08/27 裝訂:精裝

A breakthrough work in neuroscience and an incisive corrective to a long history of damaging pseudoscience, finally debunking the myth that there is a biological distinction between male and female br

定價:1050元   優惠價: 79830


16.The Memory Police

作者:Yoko Ogawa; Stephen Snyder (TRN)  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/08/13 裝訂:精裝

A deft and dark Orwellian novel about the terrors of state surveillance, from the acclaimed author of The Housekeeper and the Professor.On an unnamed island off an unnamed coast, things are disappeari

定價:908元   優惠價: 79717


17.Galileo's Error ― Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness

作者:Philip Goff  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/08/06 裝訂:精裝

From a leading philosopher of the mind comes this lucid, provocative argument that offers a radically new picture of human consciousness--panpsychismUnderstanding how brains produce consciousness is o

定價:943元   優惠價: 79745


18.Time Song ― Journeys in Search of a Submerged Land

作者:Julia Blackburn; Enrique Brinkmann (ILT)  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/08/06 裝訂:精裝

From the award-winning author of the memoir The Three of Us, a lyrical exploration--part travelogue and part history--of Doggerland, the area beneath the North Sea which, until 6,000 years ago, was ho

定價:978元   優惠價: 9880


19.The Second-worst Restaurant in France

作者:Alexander McCall Smith  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/07/16 裝訂:精裝

In a delightful sequel to the best-selling comedic novel My Italian Bulldozer, we are in a French village where the local restaurant's haute cuisine leaves a lot to be desired--and two books into an a

定價:908元   優惠價: 79717


20.The Body in Question

作者:Jill Ciment  出版社:Pantheon Books  出版日:2019/06/11 裝訂:精裝

From the author of Heroic Measures ("Brave, generous, nearly perfect"--L.A. Times), Act of God, and (with Amy Hempel), The Hand That Feeds You ("An unnerving, elegant page-turner"--Vanity Fair), a spa

定價:873元   優惠價: 79690