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作者:Sylvia Liang  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2019/05/21

Norm lives in a town where everything is orderly and everything is measured—even the roses! There’s a uniform height for every tree and a standard look for every person. Anyone who dares to stray from

定價:657元   優惠價: 79519

2.How to Light Your Dragon

作者:Fred Benaglia; Didier Lévy  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2019/04/11

Has your dragon forgotten how to breathe fire? Have no fear. This imaginative story follows the exploits of one frustrated dragon owner as she tries increasingly hilarious tricks to rekindle her drago

定價:712元   優惠價: 79562

3.Josef Albers ― Life and Work

作者:Charles Darwent  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2018/09/11

Drawing on extensive unpublished archival writings, documents, and illustrations, this is the first full-scale biography of one of the 20th-century’s great artists.In his accessible study of the “whol

定價:1372元   優惠價: 791084

4.A Flip Flap Pop-Up series (趣味立體操作書)(共6本)

作者:Janik Coat; Bernard Duisit  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2018/07/01

1. 9780500651667 Are You Hungry? (趣味立體操作書)What do you want to eat today? There are so many treats you can eat in a week! These pages are packed with flaps to lift, tabs to pull and plenty of

定價:2952元   優惠價: 631860

5.A Drink of Water

作者:John Yeoman; Quentin Blake (ILT)  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2017/11/07

Originally published in 1960, this classic tale from beloved author John Yeoman and renowned illustrator Quentin Blake is a collection of seven charming animal fables. It was the first children’s book

定價:602元   優惠價: 79476

6.John Galliano: Unseen

作者:Robert Fairer; Claire Wilcox  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2017/09/01

Now creative director of Maison Margiela, John Galliano started his career in London in the late 1980s, straight after graduating from Central Saint Martins. After being appointed head designer of Chr

定價:2640元   優惠價: 792086

7.Franklin's Flying Bookshop

作者:Jen Campbell; Katie Harnett  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2017/09/01

Franklin the dragon loves stories and loves reading stories to people too, but everyone is too scared to even talk to him. One day, he meets a girl named Luna who, rather than being afraid, is fascina

定價:657元   優惠價: 79519

8.How Do You Sleep? (趣味立體操作書)

作者:Olivia Cosneau; Bernard Duisit  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2017/08/31

How do you sleep? Up a tree? In a pouch? Upside down? With an interactive pop-up on each spread, How do you sleep? is a bedtime book with a difference. Young children will delight in being able to cur

定價:492元   優惠價: 66325

9.What Are You Wearing Today? (趣味立體操作書)

作者:Janik Coat; Bernard Duisit  出版社:Thames & Hudson  出版日:2017/08/31

What are you wearing today? Well, it depends!In this new addition to the Flip Flap Pop-up book series, young children are invited to help each character in the book decide what to wear. The result is

定價:492元   優惠價: 66325

10.Hokusai Manga

作者:Hokusai  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/11/01

In 1814, Hokusai’s sketches were published in a handbook of over 4,000 images: Hokusai Manga. It surpassed expectations as a student reference book, and became a bestseller. Here, in an elegant, three

定價:1375元   優惠價: 791086

11.A House for Mouse

作者:Gabby Dawnay; Alex Barrow  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/10/04

A House for Mouse tells the story of a little grey mouse who leaves his tiny hole in the forest to explore the wider world. On his search for a new home he unwittingly encounters some of the biggest s

定價:602元   優惠價: 79476

12.Franklin and Luna go to the Moon

作者:Jen Campbell; Katie Harnett  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/09/20

From the creators of the bestselling Franklin’s Flying Bookshop, Jen Campbell and Katie Harnett, comes another charming tale about two book-lovers Franklin and Luna. Luna and her best friend, Frankli

定價:657元   優惠價: 79519

13.The Book of Trees (Big Books)

作者:Piotr Socha  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/09/13

Why are trees so important? How many types are there? How do they benefit the environment and wildlife? This book, by the award-winning author Piotr Socha, answers these questions and more, tracking t

定價:1042元   優惠價: 79823

14.Mice in the City: Around the World

作者:Ami Shin; Jamie Harris  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/08/30

Follow two intrepid mice, Stanley and Mrs. Crombie, on their airship adventure around the world! This hide-and-seek book will charm young children and reveal something new each time they look at the i

定價:712元   優惠價: 79562

15.Great Dog

作者:Davide Cali; Miguel Tanco  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/07/26

A pup and his father contemplate his grand future while looking at other Great Dogs in their family. Will he be a marathon runner like Uncle Tibor, the fastest dog in the family? Will he be an astrona

定價:602元   優惠價: 79476

16.The Big Sticker Book of the Blue

作者:Yuval Zommer  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/07/19

Following on from the hugely successful The Big Book of the Blue comes this nonfiction sticker activity book that brings the marine world alive in a creative way. Taking fascinating facts as its start

定價:492元   優惠價: 79389


作者:Marianna Coppo  出版社:Thames & Hudson UK  出版日:2018/07/05

Is Petra a mountain? An egg? Who knows! She's a rock and this is how she rolls. Petra is a mighty mountain that can't be moved by the wind or time. Or so we think until we discover that she's actually

定價:384元   優惠價: 79303

18.Are You Hungry? (趣味立體操作書)

作者:Janik Coat; Bernard Duisit  出版社:Thames & Hudson UK  出版日:2018/07/01

What do you want to eat today? There are so many treats you can eat in a week! These pages are packed with flaps to lift, tabs to pull and plenty of surprises.

定價:492元   優惠價: 66325

19.The Big Book of the Blue

作者:Yuval Zommer  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/05/10

Why do octopuses have eight arms?Why do crabs run sideways?Are jellyfish made of jelly?Yuval Zommer’s beautiful new book provides the answers to these and many more fishy questions. His wonderfully qu

定價:712元   優惠價: 79562

20.Mice in the City - New York ─ New York

作者:Ami Shin  出版社:Thames & Hudsons UK  出版日:2018/03/20

It’s a typical morning in New York City. Hard-working mice are crossing town on the subway and making their way to their jobs. Some bake bagels inside the Chrysler building, while others organize the

定價:712元   優惠價: 79562