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Sing around the world, from mountains to valleys, in towns and cities, with all the fish, birds, trees and flowers of the Earth! Adapted from the popular spirituals song, and with helpful endnotes, this is a wonderfully uplifting and richly informative singalong book. Featured on Oprah Magazine's O List, 2008.

Christopher Corr is an internationally celebrated painter and illustrator. Based in London, he travels the world painting people, colorful places and beautiful buildings. Since studying at the Royal College of Art, he has painted in numerous locations for exhibitions, commissions and publications, and has become a tutor at Goldsmiths University. His recent, critically acclaimed work includes The Little Fir Tree (Quarto Group, 2019) and Deep in the Woods (Quarto Group, 2017); his additional work for Barefoot Books includes the bestseller My Granny Went to Market (1995) as well as Off We Go to Mexico (2006) and The Barefoot Book of Indian Tales (2007).

Fred Penner has been entertaining kids and adults alike for more than twenty years. He has worn many hats- from folk rock singer, television host and home video star to children's book author, UNICEF Canada spokesman, husband, and father of four! He lives in Manitoba, Canada. His best-selling Barefoot Books singalongs include The Animal Boogie, Walking through the Jungle and A Dragon on the Doorstep.