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Birana i Wala:Growing up in Langalanga
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The Wala reside in the Langalanga Lagoon on the west coast of Malaita island, Solomon Islands. Written by local writers in collaboration with an academic researcher, the purpose of this book, Birana i Wala, is to preserve a written document of the fast disappearing Wala tradition (falafala/kastom) for the people of Wala and their future generations.

The book is divided into three major parts. Part One introduces Wala culture and society, including their history, kinship and social organization, religious beliefs, and social norms. Part Two illustrates daily life in the lagoon, in particular Wala heritage of shell money, fishing and canoe. Part Three explores the rites of passage in Wala lives, from birth, childhood, the teenage period, marriage to the end of life.